SQLReplayer - recording and reproduction of the workload to

  1. to find the optimal setup for a database infrastructure.
  2. perform a simulation of current and planned requirements.
  3. test and evaluation of alternatives under real conditions to achieve.
  4. to test assessment of cost database alternatives.
  5. minimize costs and risks.

Speedgain Products

From problem to cause in one click.

Speedgain for DB2 provides a complete picture of the entire data base system incl. operation system and network. The user can ensure performance and SLAs and can make an aggregated analysis of the SQL workload.

Is your availability optimal? Who causes the load on the database?

Gain full transparency of your Oracle databases with Speedgain for Oracle without having to license ORACLE Enterprise Edition and Diagnostic & Tuning packages.

Monitoring of BigSQL just like with SQL

With Speedgain for BigSQL, you can monitor your BigSQL applications just like with the regular SQL application (e.g., with Hadoop, Hbase, or Hive)

Do you keep an eye on your resources? Do you use them effectively?

Speedgain for DataStage enables a complete application monitoring that intelligently combines information from DataStage, the underlying database, and the respective operation system.