ITGAIN Speedgain now supports IBM BigInsights Big SQL for Hortonworks HDP

Our experiences with Big SQL, both on IBM Open Plattform and Hortonworks HDP show that Big SQL is ideally suited for integration in SQL-based applications in the new Big Data World.

Two critical advantages stood out from the results of our extensive testing:
A)      Compatibility with ANSI SQL is complete
B)      Highly complex SQL queries ran with significantly faster execution times

With the general availability of IBM Big SQL on Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) in addition to IOP,  the adoption and use of Big SQL will explode.
Since its inception, ITGAIN has specialized in fully realizing the potential of systems for the efficient storage and evaluation of data using advanced and fully integrated performance monitoring solutions.

Today we are announcing the general availability of Speedgain for Big SQL for Hortonworks HDP, a key product in the Speedgain Monitoring family.  We have leveraged our extensive experience in monitoring cluster systems to build a powerful, yet easy to use, tool to measure and evaluate the performance of the individual data nodes  (worker nodes) and the workload distribution among them.

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Single source – multi-platform: z/Linux deployment made simple

Easy approval and compilation of Legacy modules using z/Linux

The transfer of transactions and batch sequences from mainframe to z/Linux in order to reduce the workload is being considered more and more frequently (see also “Solve with z/Linux the challenges of digitization“).

A requirement for this is the compilation of Legacy modules (such as PL/I and COBOL) on the z/Linux platform. For easy entry and when transferring individual transactions or batches, the existing development environment and processes do not necessarily have to be changed. Rather, the existing deployment processes can simply be extended and the z/Linux platform attached as a new destination.

The processes behind it (source transfer, source code modifications if applicable, compilation, evaluation and return of the compilation notifications) are automated and remain transparent for application development. The administration of the source code therefore remains central and thereby follows the “single source – multi-platform” approach.

ITGAIN provides manufacturer-independent advice on selecting the right compiler for z/Linux and applies its experience in the creation of automated sequences that enable trouble-free compilation and execution of Legacy modules via z/Linux.


You want to repeatedly play and compare your DB workload?

If test runs with the real workload be carried out?

From the idea to a product – the origin lay in the requirement to conduct a review of lower-cost database alternatives.
Before investing in a new infrastructure (servers, network, storage, cloud services, …) often synthetic performance and load tests are performed. The SQLReplayer allows tests based on the actual workload. The aim is to take a look at the future infrastructure under real conditions and hedge eventually investing.

The new ITGAIN SQLReplayer can perform recording and reproduction of workloads to

  1. to find the optimal setup for a database infrastructure.
  2. perform a simulation of current and planned requirements.
  3. test and evaluation of alternatives under real conditions to achieve.
  4. to test assessment of cost database alternatives.
  5. minimize costs and risks.

Workloads can be played on all relational databases that support JDBC driver. In addition, recorded workloads of different databases can be played. Thus, it can e.g. answer the question, how behave a specific statement in another database configuration.

Save time and money – when carrying out the test and reviews of future workloads. There are no complicated test necessary.

Stable and secure – the results are based on the actual workload. It can be stimulating situations and future load.

Applying the recorded SQL workloads to another database and infrastructure also enables the evaluation of a change effort.

More information can be found at and get a trial version.

Solve with z/Linux the challenges of digitization.

z/Linux decreases IMS and CICS workload

In many companies the digital transformation of business processes towards customers, has very concrete impact on the mainframe workload. If customers of banks and insurance companies use mobile apps to gather information or to apply for insurances, there are still “traditional” IMS or CICS transactions working in the background. And the number of executed transactions is not only increasing by the digitization of business processes, more and more there is a demand on 24/7 availability by this new target group.


SQL Replayer for DB2 – coming soon, release date: 01 July 2016

See the future – reproduce and planning your workload

  1. Find the optimal setup – like a formular 1 racing car (DB2 Database) for a certain racetrack (workload)
  2. Simulate your business – increase the number of costumers (DB2 Connection)
  3. Test and evaluate alternatives – MPP versus SMP, BLU versus nonBLU, AIX versus LINUX, DB2 versus Postgres
  4. Minimize your risks – for example if you move into the cloud
  5. Save money

“To certify new server infrastructure or any significant changes
we use the SQL-Replayer from ITGAIN to reproduce our specific
Erik Bak-Mikkelsen,
Head of Cloud Operations, Moovel (car2go a subsidary of Daimler)