When new ideas emerge from difficult projects, when ideas become solutions and solutions become well thought-out products – then you can be sure that you will profit from them sustainably.

In the project business of ITGAIN Consulting, new, highly useful approaches emerge time and again from difficult application situations. At ITGAIN Integration Solution, the most promising of these, are developed into practice-proven products.

Therefor, we pursue three focal points: Performance monitoring, tools and products for mainframe migration to decentralized systems and tools for increasing efficiency in ETL automation.

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ITGAIN GmbH – the holding company

ITGAIN Consulting Gesellschaft für IT-Beratung mbH

Applying competence in the pursuit of profit – the consulting company is aligned with your specific knowledge in the interests of the subject areas and their respective customers.

ITGAIN Inc., Atlanta, USA

In the North American market, ITGAIN Inc. takes care of representing ITGAIN Integration Solution GmbH.

ITGAIN Integration Solution GmbH

From idea to product – from the range of tasks addressed over the last few years, a number of ideas have surfaced for the improved and profitable implementation of solutions. Some of these ideas have led more recently to products that are being further developed through the ITGAIN Integration Solution.


Unsere Partner sind eine wichtige Stütze für unseren Erfolg. Denn technische und organisatorische Kooperationen unterstützen uns dabei, fachlich immer auf dem Laufenden und strategisch immer gut aufgestellt zu sein.