What sets us apart?

With JobBuilder for DataStage you generate executable jobs and sequences based on metadata. The implementation of ETL processes is accelerated by 100 %. Changes to the domain-oriented specification are maintained in the metadata and lead to a comfortable re-generation of the job at the push of a button. If required, generated jobs for hot fix activities can be processed manually and delivered to production.

Specification model: The technical specification in a standardized mapping document is the starting point for an interpretation-free and documented start into the implementation.

ETL framework: The use of reusable modules (e.g. via shared containers or buildop stages) for standard tasks such as change detection, harmonization, lookups and surrogate key assignment guarantees the correct and standardized implementation of processes. The wheel is only invented once!

Job Templates: the components of the framework are arranged to customer-specific, precisely fitting process scenarios: Templates for the data flow from source to target.

Central changes to components and templates can be transferred to all ETL processes at the push of a button via generation.

The web-based JobBuilder Frontend performs all essential configuration and administration tasks:

  • Creating and configuring the directories for the metadata
  • Start, monitoring and logging of job generation
  • Import of generated jobs and sequences into the Service Tier of the IBM Information Server

The job templates standardized in the framework map all necessary and meaningful work steps for the clearly structured data flow from source to target in the DWH Core DWH. The generated processes are easy to understand and highly traceable across projects.

What benefits do I have as a customer?

The generation of DataStage jobs and sequences accelerates the realization of ETL processes by 100 %. The use of components and job templates facilitates familiarization with existing processes. The maintenance of existing processes is carried out efficiently without lengthy manual activities. The test effort is reduced due to quality-checked standard components.

The use of standard components and the flexible arrangement in job templates guarantees the customer precisely fitting processes from specification to implementation. The structured design and development process leads to traceable ETL processes.

Automating the development process reduces training time in data integration processes and the costs of initial implementation and maintenance.

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