How can it be used?

J2U provides JESx functionality via z/OS in a decentralized environment. In the J2U runtime environment, each available z/OS batch job can be carried out without modification on the new target platform Unix, Linux, z/Linux or Windows (optional).
To this end, J2U interprets the JCL and carries it out according to the same rules used via z/OS. The value contained within the JCL domain logic remains unchanged as a result.

To put it briefly: With J2U, your batch production runs just like before but on a different platform.

J2U supports the management of job progress alongside JCL and other scripting languages and, as a result, presents a business-wide integration platform for your batch applications. The following maintained standards apply:

  • Security integration analogous to RACF, optional with connection from LDAP
  • File organization and administration including a central catalogue and an HSM emulation with tiered storage
  • Log and output management including archiving and connection to printing systems
  • Supports various job schedulers
  • Emulation of z/OS Utilities

Alongside log and output files produced by J2U, files can be imported to J2U. To this end, J2U provides an integration platform that unifies and simplifies central administration from both an organizational and a technical point of view.

  • Definition and monitoring of storage periods
  • Definition and execution of post-processing for job output (report creation)
  • Integrated archiving function in file system
  • Integrated interface for diverse archiving, i.e., back-up systems
  • Integrated authorization check

What benefits do I have as a customer?

There are no changes to the domain guidelines governing your batch production such as to the logic and behavior of individual steps within jobs and within job networks. That minimizes the risk and duration of a migration.

Standards for batch processing that have stood the test of time via z/OS over decades are provided by J2U on the centralized platform, also enabling the management of any batch applications. Transfer of these standards to newly developed batch application, such as within a Java-based system, contribute to the consolidation and thereby to the reduction of maintenance expenditure.

With central job, log, and output files, JTU presents the decentralized world with an integration platform for the access and connection to further processing systems.
With J2U, your production planning and management gets a tool that simplifies the monitoring and, in particular, problem analysis in the case of error, thereby improving the efficiency of your employees.

The log and output management integrated into J2U includes functions that can fully meet customer demands.

Cost-intensive implementation of third-party products is no longer necessary.

Technical features

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