How can it be used?

Ahlsort offers a very wide range of functions to sort, merge, divide, or modify datasets. System-specific or self-defined standards can be used.

It does not matter in which codepage the files are located (EBCDIC, ASCII, UTF-8, etc.), what the sentence format is (fixed or variable record length, with or without sentence separators), and which typeface the sentence fields have (character, binary, etc.). All files can be processed with Ahlsort.

Ahlsort is compatible with DFSORT and offers the same range of functions. The Sort statements can be used again, virtually unchanged.

Most Syncsort functions are supported by Ahlsort, so that the Sort jobs can be used without difficulty or changes or with just a few modifications.

What benefits do I have as a customer?

Ahlsort offers commands comparable with other Sort utilities, which is easy to learn and use. Any previous knowledge can still be used.

Ahlsort completes tasks very efficiently and to a high degree of performance. There is a High Performance Edition for special requirements, which works in parallel to a high degree.

To sort quickly, a lot of RAM and CPU is required. Sort jobs can be carried out without major adjustments using relatively inexpensive infrastructure. When separate servers are used for Sort jobs, the capacity of the primary server is lightened. There is no need to increase this capacity, and it can even be reduced in some cases.

As Ahlsort has nearly the same scope of functions as Syncsort, it is easy to exchange the systems without much trouble. Ahlsort’s relatively affordable licensing model means return on investment is reached quickly.

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