How can it be used?

For IMS/TM applications on the mainframe, a compatible run-time environment on Linux and z/Linux is created, so that IMS/TM or CICS is practically no longer needed. As a result, CPU time and license costs on the mainframe can be saved.

Online applications using IMS/TM or CICS can be ported to Linux without major modifications, meaning several Cobol run-time environments can be supported. This means that application programs on the target system generally only need to be recompiled.

The TRX Engine is a lightweight, highly robust, and scalable transaction monitor for Linux and z/Linux. It provides a run-time environment via LINUX whose API is compatible with IMS/TM such as CBLTDLI. CICS support is provided for basic functionality. Extremely short response times and very good load distribution are special characteristics of the TRX Engine.

What benefits do I have as a customer?

Valuable business logic lies in the existing programs. Therefore, new development is often associated with significant expenditure and risk. When carrying out a migration on the TRX Engine, there is no need to modify the programs. This way, expenditure and risk are minimized.

The TRX Engine supports numerous standard interfaces, so that they can be integrated trouble-free into the existing system landscape such as into the TN3270 record, IMS connect adapter, JMX/HTTP, LDAP. On the one hand, this means that classic front-ends can be connected and, on the other hand, that it is easy to integrate into a Java/JavaEE environment. As an operating system, the TRX Engine requires Linux. As a database, DB2 z/OS, DB2 LUW, and Oracle are supported and can be used alongside each other.

With the CM toolset from our product family, the familiar and proven mainframe development process is continued in the decentralized world. The programming language and run-time environment remain practically unchanged, so that employees can make progress in the new environment without expensive training or learning processes. Therefore, getting used to a new programming paradigm or release concept takes no time at all.

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