All-in-one Container Image

The installation effort for a performance monitoring environment is high and often database administrators lack time.  

The challenge

Performance monitoring solutions often consist of many individual components. These need to be installed separately and dedicatedly and then configured accordingly to work together perfectly. This is a not inconsiderable effort, especially for test environments / proof of concepts.   

How can Speedgain for Databases simplify the installation and operation of monitoring?

Speedgain for Databases can be started and operated quickly and easily based on just one container image. The all-in-one container image of Speedgain for Databases contains all necessary components and services to run the monitoring solution quickly and efficiently. All dependencies are already mapped in the image and the software is provided with a basic configuration. Thus, the web application is immediately available and no further manual installation or initial configuration is required. The time-consuming linking of various services is eliminated, as is the installation of all necessary components and dependent packages. The container image itself is just a file and can be loaded from the Docker Hub, among other places.  

The advantages at a glance

  •     Simple and fast installation and operation
  •     Basic configuration already available
  •     No further installation or initial configuration necessary


The rapid integration of Speedgain for Databases allows monitoring to be started more quickly and efficiently. From the decision for Speedgain for Databases and the active service, only seconds pass in the ideal case. The otherwise time-consuming manual installation and configuration of the components is no longer necessary.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We cordially invite every interested DBA and production manager to convince themselves of Speedgain for Databases and to download a trial version (such as this all-in-one image). Feel free to contact us at Read more about the benefits of Speedgain for Databases in our blog.