Speedgain V5.1 is available

What's new – Overview andHighlights in Speedgain for DB2 V5.1

Data Retention (former: maintenance)

  • Smaller footprint for old data (store performance data of 2 years with same resources as 30 days as of version 5.0)
  • Level of detail configurable by age of data (full resolution last 7 days, five minutes resolution last month, 30 minutes resolution last 6 month, 60 minutes resolution last 2 years, purge older data)
  • Base for long term trends, reports, references and comparison

Reference Lining

  • Define reference days (like best Monday report generation, last month end calculation)
  • Add metrics of reference day to current seen metrics
  • Easy compare of e.g. today to last weeks Monday

Enhanced Reporting

  • More included default ITGAIN reports
  • New UI Elements to improve usability
  • Enhanced reporting facility to improve speed and concurrency

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