Administer Db2 databases more easily!

Identify – explain – break down

Markus Fraune Database Administrator (Managed Service): „My first task in the morning is to look at Speedgain for Db2 and with a few clicks I know all the essential metrics of the monitored database systems and what was happening on my systems during the night. In addition, I already have alerts in my mailbox for serious problems and am therefore optimally prepared.“

Did you already know?

The ITGAIN Performance Monitor Speedgain for Db2 offers more features out of the box than any other Db2 Performance Monitor. Here is a selection of the functions:

  • Historical Monitoring Data
  • Operating System Monitoring (Linux, AIX, Windows)
    • Data Collection via UDF on the database
  • Drill down approach – with a few clicks to the problem – it doesn’t get any better performance.
  • Clear and understandable presentation of performance metrics.
    • Chart based overviews with historical trends
    • By drill down into the presentation of the detailed metrics in tabular form
  • SQL Workload Comparison
    • Integrated SQL workload set analysis
    • Individual time windows with additionally definable filter conditions
    • Check current workload against reference workloads
  • DB2 Explain and Index Advisor
    • SQL Workbench integrated
    • Modern Explain tree style
    • Extensive table statistics
    • Support via Db2 Index Advisor
    • Build-in rules based Design Advisor
  • Versatile reporting
    • Extensible report function with the JasperReports library
    • Assistance with custom report customization and integration
    • Report archive in the own performance database
  • Product support is provided directly by the development experts.

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