What sets us apart

The Big SQL workload is logged in detail. The resource costs as well as the internal processing order of SQLs are documented.

The Performance characteristics of individual DataNodes (Workers) and their intercommunication is monitored and logged.

During a causal analysis in the database area, all necessary historical information from the database server is made available. This enables a retroactive and complete analysis of specific problem and leads to improved database service quality.

As a basis for optimization in accordance with use, the Big SQL workload available in the database is evaluated and filed optimally for analysis purposes. The user is provided with means to analyze the aggregated Big SQL behavior.

What benefits do I have as a customer?

The analysis can be carried out as with related databases and does not require a lengthy training.

The Speedgain Cockpit provides a quick overview of database activity and resource usage.

A complete picture is provided. Often, pure database monitoring is not enough for analysis.

You can monitor queries against DB2 native and on Hadoop via Big SQL in a consolidated interface. Having a separate Hadoop monitoring is not necessary.

Technical features

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