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A complete picture of the whole application is provided. The intelligent combination of information from DataStage, from the database behind it, and from the associated operating system enables a comprehensive evaluation and analysis.

Usage information is displayed on jobs, stages, data access, and projects, so that the user gains transparency on all relevant resource usage.

The consequent integration of proven methods of analysis helps the user with in effectively solving problems. By a process of elimination, the bottleneck resource is recognized and, using the causal principle, the responsible factor identified.

Evaluation and linkage to different information sources are consequently implemented into the application. Drill-down functionalities from the Stage to SQL Explain enable efficient and targeted analyses.

The rule-based evaluation of job indicators identifies weak points in the system. As a result, the user can focus on performance optimization of relevant objects and save time.

What benefits do I have as a customer?

A clear message states which phase a resource usage has surfaced in: E, T, or L. Through this, it is quickly ascertained whether the system responsible is the database or DataStage.

During a causal analysis, all necessary historical information from the DataStage server is made available. This includes data from the database, the operating system and network, alongside the performance data of the DataStage. This enables a retroactive and complete analysis of specific problems and leads to an improved service quality of ETL processes.

A complete view of the process beyond the boundaries of the DataStage server provides transparency on time usage. This is the basis for analysis and optimization.

All support and development is provided from Germany. In a worse-case scenario, there are experienced DBAs at your side who are able to set up Speedgain themselves.

Employees require less time for familiarization, as all Speedgain products are built in the same intuitive way. Usage is more efficient, and the quality of the service is improved.

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