What sets us apart?

A complete picture of the DB server is prepared. Often, pure database monitoring is not enough for analysis. Information from the point of view of the operating system complete all the evaluation possibilities.

As a basis for optimization in accordance with use, the SQL workload that is available in the database is evaluated and filed optimally for analysis purposes. The user is provided with the means to analyze the aggregated SQL behavior.

Different system resources (e.g., CPU, network, I/O) are continually monitored and objectively assessed using lightweight performance pings. Weaknesses in the system performance can be identified independent of the application load.
In addition, different systems can be compared with each other using objective assessment criteria.

Communication between the client and database server is monitored. This means both latency and bandwidth are considered.

The consequent integration of proven methods of analysis helps the user in effectively solving problems. By a process of elimination, the bottleneck resource is recognized and, using the causal principle, the responsible factor identified.

Easy installation without agents, low system requirements, and minimal application of system resources make for quick set-up.

Causal analysis is supported optimally by providing an overview of all necessary performance data. In addition, necessary functions, such as alarms and status monitors, are available for 24/7 operation.

What benefits do I have as a customer?

The performance of all services provided by the database is made transparent for the whole system. This allows assessment of database performance in the context of overall performance.

During a causal analysis in the database area, all necessary historical information from the database server is made available. Database performance data and data from the operating system and the network form part of this process. This enables a retroactive and complete analysis of specific problems and leads to improved database service quality.

Seemingly harmless SQLs that are executed frequently may affect the performance of a database strongly – similar to thousands of pinpricks or a swarm of locusts. This is precisely because, if they are taken in isolation, they are “small and inconspicuous” and are not perceived in SQL analysis and reports, even though they consume a lot of the total resources.

Through the analysis of the whole SQL workload, this swarm intelligence is made visible and the production of indexes much more efficient.

Like the canary in the coal mine, Speedgain detects changes in system performance early on. This enables greater system availability and proactive capacity management.

Through monitoring the produced database performance, it can be quickly detected whether there is a problem in the database or not. Protracted analysis leading to a conclusion of “it must be somewhere else” are superfluous.

All support and development is provided from Germany. In a worse-case scenario, there are experienced DBAs at your side who are able to set up Speedgain themselves.

Employees require less time for familiarization, as all Speedgain products are built in the same intuitive way. Usage is more efficient, and the quality of the service is improved.

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