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As a basis for optimization in accordance with use, the SQL workload available in the database is evaluated and filed optimally for analysis purposes. The user is provided with the means to analyze the aggregated SQL behavior.

The consequent integration of proven methods of analysis helps the user on effectively solving problems. By a process of elimination, the bottleneck resource is recognized and, using the causal principle, the responsible factor identified.

The drill-down concept quickly leads even less experienced DBAs with just a few clicks of the mouse from the symptom to the exact cause. The grouping of top-users allows the concentration to be put on the essentials.

Easy installation without agents, low system requirements, and minimal application of system resources make for quick set-up.

The constant monitoring of databases permits a detailed retrospective analysis. Databases from the past can be analyzed just as well as current databases.

What benefits do I have as a customer?

Savings on license fees. The Standard Edition is suitable for detailed performance analyzes.

The most important basic values, such as wait and DB times, are displayed as an overview, so that it can be quickly ascertained in which area the block is. This supports a proactive performance management and leads to an increased satisfaction among users.

The usage of resources can be observed over a long period of time. This allows cost-saving potential to be identified. Proactive capacity management is supported, as necessary system expansion can be identified early on.

From the Cockpit, the sessions can be reached with a click of the mouse. Through automatic sorting and the ABC analysis, the most resource-demanding sessions are immediately visible.

Speedgain users quickly find their way with the identical look and feel. The same concepts are used such as drill down and distribution according to workload and consumption.

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