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“To certify new server infrastuctur or any significant changes we use the SQLReplayer from ITGAIN to reproduce our specific workload.“

Erik Bak-Mikkelsen,
Head of Cloud Operations, Moovel (car2go a subsidary of Daimler)


"In order to take on the project successfully, we brought in external support into our project team from the very beginning. This was a good decision, as we needed a team of specialists to supplement our own employees and carry out diverse tasks. Smooth changeover process using "resourceful tools". For the Mainframe-Linux-Migration, we lacked the program support for the changeover What seemed initially to be a huge hurdle actually became a success factor. ITGAIN tools are the right solution."

Achim Siebertz,
Bürgel Bereichsleiter EDV

DB2 Tools

"For the daily administration of a large number of databases, we need a DB2 tool that provides a clear overview and is easy to use. Speedgain has proved itself to be very good in this capacity. We also particularly appreciate our working relationship with ITGAIN's employees. Furthermore, long-term behavior and evaluation of SLA requirements and accounting information is one of the requirements of performance monitoring in business.“

The experiences of a database team working for an international automobile manufacturer

JCL interpreter J2U

With the help of the JCL interpreter J2U, provided by ITGAIN, batch jobs available in the new Linux environment could be implemented without being changed. "Without a suitable tool, we would have had to convert the JCL individually for all batch jobs into a Linux script language“, summarizes Mr. Häcker the issue.

Project Manager from KRZ Lemgo

OS Monitoring

"OS monitoring in conjunction with the status monitor gives us a complete overview of our database server. Through complete monitoring of the database server, we can now identity weak points in the operating system."

Markus Brüning,
GAD eG, responsible for DB2 LUW databases

Migration from DB2 for z/OS to DB2 UDB for Linux

The BWI provides credit rating assessments and financial information for businesses and private individuals in Germany. Goals of this project were a considerable cost reduction through the complete migration of all DB2 databass of the company from DB2 for z/OS to DB2 UDB for Linux.

TUI-Booking System

Succsessful linkage of the mainframe-based TUI-booking system with the internet-based travel agency booking system CETS

TUI InfoTec is a tourism focussed IT-service provider within the TUI-Group, Europe's leading tourism company. The TUI-Group includes over 200 tourism businesses - from travel agencies, to tour organizers and airlines, to hotel associations. In this sector, information technology is a key factor for success: complex data must be integrated and various systems within the groups need to be linked together.

The goal of this project was the establishment of a platform-neutral and structured interface for the TUI-booking system, based on XML, that would allow links with any desired system (including links via TUI-Internet access).

Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG

The Euler Hermes Kreditversicherung-AG is Germany's leading credit insurer and service provider for claims management. The goal of the project was a shift of the CRM database and the Tivoli database of the group from DB2 for z/OS to DB2 UDB under AIX in order to attain cost savings and improvements in performance.

Consolidation of data models of TUI Deutschland GmbH with those of Thomson Travel Group

The TUI AG is the largest tourism group worldwide. The best known trademarks of TUI AG, aside from TUI, include among others the formerly British Thomson Travel Group, now TUI UK.

The goal of the project was the consolidation of the data models of TUI Deutschland GmbH with those of the Thomson Travel Group for the Hotel Inventory, Contracting and Destination Database sectors.



Speedgain V5.3 is available

Highlights in Speedgain for Db2 V5.3 / Revised Static SQL Monitoring / Speedgain SQL Workbench improvements / Maintenance Task now work parallelized / New Maintenance Status Overview / Bulk Update options for username and password (Client and Collector) / Export and Import Client configuration


Speedgain for DB2 now available on Docker Hub

The performance monitoring solution Speedgain for DB2 is now available on Docker Hub. This is the easiest and fastest way to deploy our lightweight and feature-rich Db2 monitor in your on-premise or cloud environment! We enriched the standard Speedgain Collector application with several scripts to automate and control the complete process from installation to running in the background. You are only one step away from running your Speedgain for DB2 system in a couple of seconds! The Docker image is based on the official IBM Db2 Docker image that is already servicing lots of Db2 databases all around the world. Be one of the first to pull the image, that by way includes a trial license valid until 31stof March 2020. Visit more details on how to run the image.


Speedgain V5.2 is available

Highlights in Speedgain for DB2 V5.2 Revised Zoom Page Speedgain Indexes Module improvements Support for DPF Refined filter option in the Speedgain Client Speedgain SQL Workbench improvements UI revise for more comfort and usability Enhanced support for Virtual Indexes Create and manage Virtual Indexes during access path analyzes Generate a benefit analyzes for virtual and real indexes of an access plan Bulk DDL generation for multiple virtual indexes of a single access plan Export and Import of access plans Improved HADR Monitoring DB2 v11.5 support read more –ITGAIN Speedgain V5.2 whats new


Speedgain V5.1 is available

What's new – Overview andHighlights in Speedgain for DB2 V5.1 Data Retention (former: maintenance) Smaller footprint for old data (store performance data of 2 years with same resources as 30 days as of version 5.0) Level of detail configurable by age of data (full resolution last 7 days, five minutes resolution last month, 30 minutes resolution last 6 month, 60 minutes resolution last 2 years, purge older data) Base for long term trends, reports, references and comparison Reference Lining Define reference days (like best Monday report generation, last month end calculation) Add metrics of reference day to current seen metrics Easy compare of e.g. today to last weeks Monday Enhanced Reporting More included default ITGAIN reports New UI Elements to improve usability Enhanced reporting facility to improve speed and concurrency read more –ITGAIN Speedgain V5.1 whats new


Automation with DataStage – With JobBuilder for DataStage you generate executable jobs and sequences based on metadata and templates. The implementation of ETL processes is significantly accelerated by more than 100%.

How?Defined job templates generate jobs and sequences for loading the DWH into the core layer. What do the supplied templates contain?All necessary modules of an ETL framework: Primary Key Lookup/Surrogate Key Generation, Harmonization, Historization,… The features are: Use of customer or ITGAIN assets Mapping document – automatically readable Framework – reusable modules Job Templates – defined and standardized Generation of jobs and sequences Mapping of 1:1 mappings Conversions according to DataStage Transformersyntax Higher value functions: customer-specific transformations Support for state-of-the-art modeling: particularly suitable for Data Vault, 3NF anchor Integration of design artifacts into Information Governance Catalog possible Your benefit is: Quality: Structured design and development process Standardized job processes Transparent traceable ETL processes Identical solutions for recurring ETL tasks Efficiency/Speed Very short development times in projects Fast familiarization with existing processes Reduced test effort due to quality-tested standard components Costs Lower development costs Reduced maintenance costs Interested?Try it out and request a trial license!