Automation with DataStage – With JobBuilder for DataStage you generate executable jobs and sequences based on metadata and templates. The implementation of ETL processes is significantly accelerated by more than 100%.

How? Defined job templates generate jobs and sequences for loading the DWH into the core layer.

What do the supplied templates contain? All necessary modules of an ETL framework: Primary Key Lookup/Surrogate Key Generation, Harmonization, Historization,…

The features are:

  • Use of customer or ITGAIN assets
    • Mapping document – automatically readable
    • Framework – reusable modules
    • Job Templates – defined and standardized
  • Generation of jobs and sequences
    • Mapping of 1:1 mappings
    • Conversions according to DataStage Transformersyntax
    • Higher value functions: customer-specific transformations
  • Support for state-of-the-art modeling: particularly suitable for Data Vault, 3NF anchor
  • Integration of design artifacts into Information Governance Catalog possible

Your benefit is:

  • Quality:
    • Structured design and development process
    • Standardized job processes
    • Transparent traceable ETL processes
    • Identical solutions for recurring ETL tasks
  • Efficiency/Speed
    • Very short development times in projects
    • Fast familiarization with existing processes
    • Reduced test effort due to quality-tested standard components
  • Costs
    • Lower development costs
    • Reduced maintenance costs

Interested? Try it out and request a trial license!