Automation with DataStage – With JobBuilder for DataStage you generate executable jobs and sequences based on metadata and templates. The implementation of ETL processes is significantly accelerated by more than 100%.

How?Defined job templates generate jobs and sequences for loading the DWH into the core layer. What do the supplied templates contain?All necessary modules of an ETL framework: Primary Key Lookup/Surrogate Key Generation, Harmonization, Historization,… The features are: Use of customer or ITGAIN assets Mapping document – automatically readable Framework – reusable modules Job Templates – defined and standardized Generation of jobs and sequences Mapping of 1:1 mappings Conversions according to DataStage Transformersyntax Higher value functions: customer-specific transformations Support for state-of-the-art modeling: particularly suitable for Data Vault, 3NF anchor Integration of design artifacts into Information Governance Catalog possible Your benefit is: Quality: Structured design and development process Standardized job processes Transparent traceable ETL processes Identical solutions for recurring ETL tasks Efficiency/Speed Very short development times in projects Fast familiarization with existing processes Reduced test effort due to quality-tested standard components Costs Lower development costs Reduced maintenance costs Interested?Try it out and request a trial license!


Simple and fast adjustment of DataStage jobs in 5 steps – with the JobBuilder – changes of 100 jobs in 100 minutes.

The JobBuilder integrates into an existing release and defect process. Jobs can be generated in each phase, but they can also be corrected manually. To change the specification and for defect treatments, use the following procedure with the JobBuilder: 1. Edit job template 2. Generate sample job 3. Test the template modification 4. Start the re-generation for all jobs based on the modified template 5. Wait 100 minutes and more than 100 jobs are updated 6. Test Deploy the re-generated jobs in production We will show you and convince you in 15 minutes – request a web session at


Maximize your realization of ETL processes by more than 100%. Or do you still build your jobs in DataStage manually?

Maximize your realization of ETL processes by more than 100%. Or do you still build your jobs in DataStage manually? From the idea to the product, from the adversities of our experience with projects with and around DataStage, it was obvious to improve something. Therefore we develop the fastest JobBuilder for DataStage. And also the corresponding framework. The result is metadata-driven generation of jobs and sequences. Creating, migrating and customizing hundreds of jobs takes just five minutes. A small insight can be found on our website at Interested? Try it? Gladly! Technical advice at +49 (0) 511 5151 3700 or via e-mail more.about(at)itgain(dot)de