Speedgain V5.3 is available

Highlights in Speedgain for Db2 V5.3 / Revised Static SQL Monitoring / Speedgain SQL Workbench improvements / Maintenance Task now work parallelized / New Maintenance Status Overview / Bulk Update options for username and password (Client and Collector) / Export and Import Client configuration


Speedgain for DB2 now available on Docker Hub

The performance monitoring solution Speedgain for DB2 is now available on Docker Hub. This is the easiest and fastest way to deploy our lightweight and feature-rich Db2 monitor in your on-premise or cloud environment! We enriched the standard Speedgain Collector application with several scripts to automate and control the complete process from installation to running in the background. You are only one step away from running your Speedgain for DB2 system in a couple of seconds! The Docker image is based on the official IBM Db2 Docker image that is already servicing lots of Db2 databases all around the world. Be one of the first to pull the image, that by way includes a trial license valid until 31stof March 2020. Visit more details on how to run the image.


Speedgain V5.2 is available

Highlights in Speedgain for DB2 V5.2 Revised Zoom Page Speedgain Indexes Module improvements Support for DPF Refined filter option in the Speedgain Client Speedgain SQL Workbench improvements UI revise for more comfort and usability Enhanced support for Virtual Indexes Create and manage Virtual Indexes during access path analyzes Generate a benefit analyzes for virtual and real indexes of an access plan Bulk DDL generation for multiple virtual indexes of a single access plan Export and Import of access plans Improved HADR Monitoring DB2 v11.5 support read more –ITGAIN Speedgain V5.2 whats new


Speedgain V5.1 is available

What's new – Overview andHighlights in Speedgain for DB2 V5.1 Data Retention (former: maintenance) Smaller footprint for old data (store performance data of 2 years with same resources as 30 days as of version 5.0) Level of detail configurable by age of data (full resolution last 7 days, five minutes resolution last month, 30 minutes resolution last 6 month, 60 minutes resolution last 2 years, purge older data) Base for long term trends, reports, references and comparison Reference Lining Define reference days (like best Monday report generation, last month end calculation) Add metrics of reference day to current seen metrics Easy compare of e.g. today to last weeks Monday Enhanced Reporting More included default ITGAIN reports New UI Elements to improve usability Enhanced reporting facility to improve speed and concurrency read more –ITGAIN Speedgain V5.1 whats new


Administer Db2 databases more easily!

Identify – explain – break down Markus Fraune Database Administrator (Managed Service): „My first task in the morning is to look at Speedgain for Db2 and with a few clicks I know all the essential metrics of the monitored database systems and what was happening on my systems during the night. In addition, I already have alerts in my mailbox for serious problems and am therefore optimally prepared.“ Did you already know? The ITGAIN Performance Monitor Speedgain for Db2 offers more features out of the box than any other Db2 Performance Monitor. Here is a selection of the functions: Historical Monitoring Data Operating System Monitoring (Linux, AIX, Windows) Data Collection via UDF on the database Drill down approach – with a few clicks to the problem – it doesn’t get any better performance. Clear and understandable presentation of performance metrics. Chart based overviews with historical trends By drill down into the presentation of the detailed metrics in tabular form SQL Workload Comparison Integrated SQL workload set analysis Individual time windows with additionally definable filter conditions Check current workload against reference workloads DB2 Explain and Index Advisor SQL Workbench integrated Modern Explain tree style Extensive table statistics Support via Db2 Index Advisor Build-in rules based Design Advisor Versatile reporting Extensible report function with the JasperReports library Assistance with custom report customization and integration Report archive in the own performance database Product support is provided directly by the development experts. Convince yourself! Here you can apply for a non-binding test position: Get a trial license here. If you have any questions or are interested in an on-site or web presentation, please do not hesitate to contact us: Contact use here.


Speedgain Version 5 seit April 2017 verfügbar

What´s new on Version 5? – Highlights – New Features SQL Workload Set Analysis Plan Access Monitoring by Runtime Explain Change Log More information see here: ITGAIN Speedgain V5.0 Whats New