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Per Stricker
President and CEO ITGAIN Group


ITGAIN Integration Solution GmbH

Essener Straße 1
D-30173 Hannover
T +49 511 51 51 – 3700
F +49 511 51 51 – 3800

Atlanta (USA)


271 17th Street NW
Suite 1750
Atlanta, Georgia 30363
T 1-800 618 1686
F (404) 586-6820

Mainframe Migration

Kai Mares
Director Software Engineering

Hans-Joachim Dierich
Manager Product Development

Performance Monitoring

Markus Fraune
Product Manager

Hans-Joachim Dierich
Manager Product Development


Christian Hagen
Senior IT Architect

Hans-Joachim Dierich
Manager Product Development


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with Speedgain


Speedgain for DB2 now available on Docker Hub

The performance monitoring solution Speedgain for DB2 is now available on Docker Hub. This is the easiest and fastest way to deploy our lightweight and feature-rich Db2 monitor in your on-premise or cloud environment! We enriched the standard Speedgain Collector application with several scripts to automate and control the complete process from installation to running in the background. You are only one step away from running your Speedgain for DB2 system in a couple of seconds! The Docker image is based on the official IBM Db2 Docker image that is already servicing lots of Db2 databases all around the world. Be one of the first to pull the image, that by way includes a trial license valid until 31stof March 2020. Visit more details on how to run the image.

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