SQL Replayer for DB2 – coming soon, release date: 01 July 2016

See the future – reproduce and planning your workload

  1. Find the optimal setup – like a formular 1 racing car (DB2 Database) for a certain racetrack (workload)
  2. Simulate your business – increase the number of costumers (DB2 Connection)
  3. Test and evaluate alternatives – MPP versus SMP, BLU versus nonBLU, AIX versus LINUX, DB2 versus Postgres
  4. Minimize your risks – for example if you move into the cloud
  5. Save money

“To certify new server infrastructure or any significant changes
we use the SQL-Replayer from ITGAIN to reproduce our specific

Erik Bak-Mikkelsen,
Head of Cloud Operations, Moovel (car2go a subsidary of Daimler)