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Create custom dashboards with Speedgain for Databases

Monitoring solutions typically offer a fixed, standard scope that, while mapping the needs of the average user, is difficult or sluggish to customize. With customizable dashboards - like those offered by Speedgain for Databases - you get all the views you need. 

The challenge

The customer often has specific needs and requirements for the scope of a monitoring solution. If for customer A the values x, y, and z are relevant for stability, for customer B it may be the values a, b, and c. If necessary, this may even differ from database to database for one customer. Combinations or extrapolations of values are also often helpful for customers.   

For the monitoring of a DWH database it can be of interest to show the activities of reporting users, who can create individual reports on demand, separately from the daily recurring activities of batch users for the management of the database or for the automated creation of reports. However, the standard functions of monitoring solutions are usually not sufficient for SLA reporting to prove compliance with service level agreements, or for evaluations of the growth of certain tables or tablespaces, or for calculating the share of a certain application in the use of database resources to support accounting. Therefore, a more flexible solution is needed.

What solution does Speedgain for Databases offer?

Speedgain for Databases offers the possibility to create your own dashboards with trend charts and integrate them directly into the tool - without having to wait for a release.  

By using Grafana in the presentation layer, we offer customers a solution that can be easily and flexibly extended with dashboards. The Speedgain for Databases backend already provides the data for the dashboards in a PostgreSQL database. In addition to detailed performance information on all monitored databases, system information on the database servers and status information on the monitoring itself are also available there. Our included dashboards can serve as a template to compile new dashboards for specific requirements.  

The advantages at a glance:

  • Availability of comprehensive performance, system and status information  
  • Individual customizability of the dashboard
  • Clarity of presentation - you quickly get an overview of the metrics that are relevant to you.
  • More efficient work with customized information
  • Diverse reporting options


Due to the flexibility in the presentation layer, Speedgain for Databases is quickly and easily customizable by the customer and can be tailored and extended to meet specific requirements. The individual customizability of the dashboard makes it possible to visualize the key figures that are relevant for you and to prepare meaningful reports in a simple and understandable way.

If you want to learn more about other benefits of Speedgain for Databases, take a look at our blog and stay up to date.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We invite any interested DBA and production manager to check out Speedgain for Databases and download a free trial.