Migration and Transformation

Application transformation - we find the best technical basis for you

The pace of digital transformation is rapid. Our job is to filter out the solutions from the variety of new technological developments that will benefit your company to the maximum. We identify your business and technical requirements. In doing so, our team thinks in terms of holistic solutions for the sustainable development of your IT landscape.

Mainframe modernization - We make your mainframe system fit for the future

We use solutions ranging from automatic migration or conversion to model-based conversion and manual reengineering. The functions of the mainframe applications are integrated as services into your enterprise architecture to be fit for digitalization.

Migration - With us, your applications are always on the right platform

Cost savings, optimized operation and easier maintenance: To achieve this, we don't just replace old technology with new. We also focus on data integration.
We solve your key digital transformation challenges with event-based services.

Application Modernization - We optimize your operations and make Maintenance easier

Successful application modernization brings many benefits. Our team ensures that your business requirements are better supported and that your proven applications run smoothly and with high performance - with an up-to-date infrastructure.

J2U - batch runtime environment for decentralized systems and z/Linux

J2U takes care of a low-cost transfer of batch jobs from z/OS to UNIX/LINUX, Z/Linux and, optionally, MS Windows. J2U is a complete batch runtime system for decentralized systems. It is suited as a target system for a migration from legacy applications (Cobol, PL/1…) and as a standard for modern applications (Java, SAS…).

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TRX - decentralized transaction monitor, also for z/Linux

The TRX Engine allows the execution of COBOL IMS or CICS transactions on a Linux system and z/Linux with the COBOL-IT Enterprise Edition.

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IMS Toolset - decentralized IMS for operation

With the IMS Toolset, you can do away with an IMS/DB quickly and with low risk using a related database. Since the application program don’t have to be adapted, the processing logic remains unchanged and testing costs are minimized.

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For COBOL development using Linux, you can create an Eclipse-based development environment using the CM Toolset from ITGAIN. The CM Toolset forms a package-orientated development process, which the developer will already know from the mainframe world.

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sort - insert for decentralized platforms

Through moving the sort steps to a decentralized platform, mainframe capacity can be relieved. This avoids the need to stock up on expensive computer capacity in spite of the increasing volumes of data involved. Ahlsort is compatible with DFSORT. This way, the sort steps can quickly be translocated without converting the files.

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