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Speedgain for Databases v1.6.0: The new way of database monitoring

The wait is over! It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Speedgain for Databases version 1.6.0, a revolutionary update that takes your database monitoring to a new level. To coincide with this milestone, we would like to introduce you to the exciting new features and improvements that this release brings.

  1. Support for MariaDB/MySQL and MongoDB: Your requests have reached us, and we've listened! With the introduction of Prometheus exporters, Speedgain for Databases now enables seamless monitoring of MariaDB, MySQL and MongoDB databases.
  2. Generic DB support: No specific database? No problem! Our support for any Prometheus scrape source allows you to monitor any database system with ease, regardless of its type or version.
  3. Grafana V10: Experience the latest Grafana with its revised design and an updated alerting engine that gives you even better insights into the performance of your database.
  4. Vue.js frontend update: Our frontend has been updated with Vue.js. Our goal is to provide you with a smoother and more intuitive user experience that allows you to monitor and manage your databases more efficiently without sacrificing complexity or ease of use.
  5. Faster configuration loading: Long waiting times are a thing of the past! We have optimised configuration loading, which is especially beneficial in environments with large configurations.
  6. Base Image Upgrades: We have updated the Tomcat base image for the service and UI as well as the Collector Fedora base image to ensure better performance and security.
  7. Java dependency update: To keep up with the latest developments, we have updated our Java dependencies to ensure compatibility and security, incorporating the newest features and optimizations to enhance performance and reliability across our platform.
  8. Webtoken encryption improvements: The security of your data is our top priority. We've made improvements to Webtoken encryption to provide an extra layer of protection.
  9. Minor bug fixes: We've fixed those pesky bugs to give you a smoother experience.

Get started today!

Visit to explore these new features and upgrade your database monitoring. Downloads are now available via Docker Hub and our download portal. In addition, you can get a free trial until the end of the year.